Prototype, Programmer (Unity, C#) - Unit Controlling Puzzle Game

Published on Jun 19, 2020

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Built with

September 2019 - December 2019

Lead Programmer - Team Size 4

In this adventure, play as the recently imprisoned Gummi Bear Prince Monty, escaping the candy dungeon with the help of your new gummi followers to reclaim your kingdom.

My work

  • Control of Gummi bear followers
  • Gummi bear ability code (Bridge, Trampoline, Slingshot)

For this project, I helped design and create a prototype a game around the concept of being a gummy bear. While the project initially started as a 2D platformer, it eventually turned into a unit management puzzle game where you controlled many gummy bears. The abilities given to the gummy bears were developed to give the player a sense of enjoyment and wonder. I implemented the abilities to require the least amount of work required form the player and to be easily iterated on as we moved on with the project.