New Projects, New Takes

I recently started my new project “FreeGUN” on a whim. I came up with the idea based on 4 factors:

  1. I needed to keep my programming skills sharp
  2. I like shooters
  3. The Godot Engine is growing in popularity
  4. I want to try some work with open source tools like GitHub

When I put that all together, FreeGUN came out of the equation. Now in early prototyping stages, the project is looking alright. Nothing too much, but I just spent around 10 minutes getting some simple stuff working and remembering how Godot works. Getting “proper” shooting mechanics done is the next thing on the list, but where to go from their is up in the air. I personally want to make “modules” based on different types of shooters, and them seamlessly integrated, but that seems to be a little far away. For now, a basic “shoot things with a basic gun and they die” is what I am aiming for. Just have to start small.