Project Renaming, and Computer Science

My recently started project “FreeGUN” is now called “Project FreeGUN.” Fun changes, right? This was done because I thought it would make it a little clearer that this is just a small project, and not really a “full” game. Plus, it sounds a little better to me personally. This doesn’t change much, or really anything, but documenting why I made changes seems appropriate.

On another note, Computer Science is a thing that is closely related to my current studies as a Game Design student. Why limit myself to game programming when I can be a little more general purpose? Obviously, I want to keep my main focus on games, but I honestly haven’t touched what I consider general programming in a couple of years. It requires a different workflow, different to both game development and this small web dev stuff I do on this site. Picking up a minor in Computer Science will probably be something I will do, and maybe even another major if I can fit it in. I like to keep my options open, but I don’t think anyone wants a jack of all trades.